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BrIcc Information BrIcc v2.3
Conversion Coefficient Calculator

Version history:

Version Date
0.0 15-Nov-2003 Project initiated at the NSDD coordination meeting (Vienna)
1.0 6-Apr-2004 Tabulations using the 'No Hole' approximation completed for εic+1–6000 keV energies and Z=10–95 atomic numbers.
1.1 31-Aug-2004 In house (ANU) testing of the first version of the program completed.
1.2 24-Sep-2004 Bechmark testing (NNDC) of the first version of BrIcc completed.
1.3 19-Nov-2004 ANU web interface created.
1.3 20-Dec-2004 BrIcc relesed for ENSDF evaluators.
6-Jun-2005 NSDD coordination meeting ( McMaster) adopted the 'Frozen Orbitals' approximation.
2.0 1-Sep-2005 Tabulations using the 'Frozen Orbitals' approximation completed. BrIcc program logic, exception and error handling improved.
2.1 1-Oct-2005 BrIccS ('slave') version developed and the new ANU web interface created.
2.0a 19-Dec-2005 Corrected a bug in the BrIcc MERGE operation.
2.0b 12-Jan-2006 Corrected a bug in the BrIcc MERGE operation.
2.1 28-Feb-2007 User selectable data tables, including BrIccFO, BrIccNH, HsIcc and RpIcc were added to the ANU web interface.
27-Apr-2007 The Decay Data Evaluation Project (DDEP) has adopted BrIcc and the 'Fozen Orbitals' approximation.
2.2 4-Jan-2008 The BrIccFO and the BrIccNH data tables have been recalculated for several chemical elements (see Table B1 of the NIM paper)
and the range of the tables have been extended for Z=5–110.
02-Apr-2008 BrIcc relesed for ENSDF evaluators.
2.2a 13-Jul-2008 The lowest tabulated point in the BrIccFO and the BrIccNH data tables for Z=88, 98, 100, 101 and 102 K-shell was 2 keV above the the binding energies.
27-Nov-2008 Minor bug in the Slave version fixed. For for pure and mixed ICC`s and for transition energy within 1 keV to the binding energy incorrect XML code was returned.
2.2b 20-Jan-2009 For Z=34 incorrect ΩIPF(E0) values were used for the PaOmg data table.
2.3G 16-Apr-2010 The BrIcc Grapher application released. The web interface was developed by Dimitrios Tsifakis (ANU Nuclear Physics).
We acknowledge the help of the Eurazn team (D. Zezlej-Supic, L. Pham, L. Troung, L. Tran, T. Sun and T. Winsnes) from the University of Canberra in developing the first version of the BrIcc Grapher.
2.3S and 2.3G 29-Mar-2011 Double precision arithmetic implemented to avoid possible over/underflows.
2.3 09-Dec-2011 New δ values have been adopted for cases when the mixing ratio is not known. BrIcc and related programs now supported on MacOS.